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Online Pharmacy Covid-19 Protocol

Covid-19 Protocol

**Due to the high demand in the area and the industry overall, West Fargo Animal Hospital is not able to take on new clients at this time.**

When you arrive at West Fargo Animal Hospital:

If you’re here to pick up your pets’ medications or prescription food, come on in and a staff member will help you at the front desk.

If you’re here for an appointment, please call to check in to let us know you and your pet are here. You will be asked to provide a good phone number and the number on the sign you’re parked in front of.

Once you’ve checked your pet in for their appointment, a technician will be calling to obtain history regarding your pets visit.

When instructed, your technician will meet you and your pet in the lobby to head to the exam room.
*Only 1 pet parent is allowed into the lobby/exam room.

For euthanasias, only 2 clients will be allowed to enter the building with their pet. Under special circumstances, this may be negotiable between the client and the doctor, and must be discussed prior to the appointment.

**If entering the building, we ask that you follow the recommended CDC guidelines regarding mask use.**